If you are a woman in your 20s or older and want to make sure you do not get pregnant at this time, finding the right type of birth control option might be your goal. While there are several different options you could consider, there is one you might not know about. This option is called an IUD, and it stands for intrauterine device. While this can be used as a temporary form of birth control, it is also a great permanent option. Here are three things you might wonder about this option:

There Are Different Types of IUDs

There are three main types of IUDs you can choose, including the Mirena, ParaGard, and Skyla. The Mirena and Skyla types contain hormones, which block pregnancies from occurring for around five years. You do need to have these replaced every five years because of this. Both of these types of IUDs are made of plastic, and they are inserted directly into your uterus.

The ParaGard option does not contain any hormones. Instead, it is wrapped in copper, and it releases the copper a little at a time. This option typically lasts for around 10 years, and it may need to be replaced at that time.

They Are Effective

Most IUDs are extremely effective for stopping pregnancies from occurring; however, they can fall out of place. If yours falls out, you will most likely know right away. You will either feel a very uncomfortable feeling inside of your vagina, or you may see it come out. If an IUD falls out, it typically occurs during a menstrual cycle.

One of the benefits of IUD is that they are effective, yet they do not prevent future, planned pregnancies. If you decide you want to have a baby, you can have your gynecologist remove the IUD, and you can become pregnant immediately. IUDs do not offer any long-term results that hinder pregnancies.

They Can Affect Your Periods

If you choose a hormonal type of IUD, it will typically cause your periods to become shorter and lighter in blood flow. The non-hormonal type might cause the opposite effects. If you ever feel discomfort with your IUD or have problems with overly heavy periods, talk to your doctor.

Getting an IUD is a good option for birth control. If you are interested in this, you can contact a gynecologist to learn more about these and your options. Contact a medical center like Desert Rose OBGYN PC for more information and assistance.